And the oily scum?

It is a regional cuisine at all and "seeds" in Osaka Minami-Kawachi district has been eaten since ancient times.
It is high delicious but also nutritious ingredients cow intestines over time and with oil fried off extra oil, concentrated flavor of the meat.
The surroundings are crunchy and fragrant, and the inside is characterized by a unique texture that is plump and unique.
This "oil dregs" is topped with udon using a special dashi developed with time and effort, and it is our original "Kasu Udon".
This "udon" spawned blink fans than in 1995, the company stores open. It is mimicked the company recently, Marc udon store opens many more.

The East Japan culture 2 minutes if the Kanto or Kansai-based Western culture and divided.
Speaking of meat is for the man beef. Kansai Center Kawachi in Osaka, Osaka located in the South has changed people's has its own unique culture ripped off also covers. Kawachi who like meat.
Beef is no abandon, all internal organs also enters the mouth. The intestine, especially the small intestine out of around with a lot of fat to melt, so oil and deep-fried in oil.
Small intestine was cut with insoluble fatty parts in high-temperature oil contracting firm, and the masses.
This is known as < grounds > people in Hanoi.

Dregs can easily add beef flavor to stews and soups. Even with plenty of flavor with the fragrant smell of beef you can chop ingredients.
Slightly so impressive as an unforgettable once in the mouth if the grounds showcase the flavor of the dish in the food service industry and a boon to the food service industry is increasingly thriving modern Japan at the use and further development, usage increases in the rapidly guarantee is.

Now 20 years ago, tsuno, President of the company after independence left the company food service industry until it worked, their planned entry to the food service industry.
He gave Japanese eyes familiar noodle shop. Say comes from old Japan traditional food service industry is a noodle shop.
Is trying to innovate the old image of the noodle shop he now is everywhere on the streets of Japan noodle shop, is not particularly unusual. Featured applicant to be accepted into the young generation, not actual also tasted Don Rinku rather just look at it.
We Hanoi people he gave eyes already.
It is a noodle menu with no new taste by any other noodle soup, which you will be able to make and I get inspired ideas.
> Udon < ideas were born of his own menu is.
Faint today just to imitate royalty, become instantly famous Udon noodle shop continues to grow.