Become a member dealer

And support entrepreneurs in prosperous and stable power of absolute, aftercare is fully ensured.
Co., Ltd. is aimed at entrepreneurs in the personal global kitchen and decided to broad proposals "grounds of compact size, low investment and short-term recovery udon KASUYA" franchise package for the companies will launch a new business.
It is a consideration, such as procurement planning, including equipment for the right to use trademarks, market and location studies, opened.
To deliver our products and loyalty with guaranteed money.
Whichever is greater. We will charge you every month. (Consumption tax is not included.
It is not to guarantee the sales figures listed.
Please make decisions based on your voluntary decision after careful consideration.
1.Member shop presentation
Conducting briefings for all Member States from time to time. From a detailed system of FC member q & a look at once please contact.

2.Member application
Enough to understand the system of KASUYA, please. In addition, for the Member you would like to please please tell us.

3.Financial planning business plan
Retail is decided, based on the location survey, Business Division plan. Prediction of initial investment and sales and profitability will be simulated closely. In addition, we plan loans plans according to your own funds. Be careful on the voluntary discretion to decisions of the Member States.

4.Member subscription
Co., Ltd. global kitchen philosophy and system, the store management to understand 10 minutes and you're ready in the retail and financial support, finally and Member subscription.

5.Employee recruitment
In the food and beverage industry, in terms of human resources development is very valuable. We create a working system that meets each shop headquarters leadership KASUYA,. Personnel depending on store size is 15 m2 shops for employees 2 part 5-6 people required.

Store planning
We design for shop design and materials used, based on the uniform image of the global kitchen supplier headquarters for the properties that you can use to maximize. Suit until the opening schedule, progress will be making a "gathering of people, easy to work". From the start of construction will take about 40 days.

Opening training
Headquarters opening before training even no restaurant experience, as you can master the know-how of store operations, such as cooking, hospitality technology, food hygiene knowledge. Period is at least 3-4 weeks at retail we planned.

Contractor is free I get variation before and after the area of the building, at 1 percent. It is better to request a quote of three companies. Check capacity and work area is required. To build a good shop is inevitable construction contractor.

More and more is the first step to success. Open your KASUYA. Responsibility strengthened, but the headquarters is filled with hopes and fears, open instruction. Effective promotional activities tailored to the opening up of prosperity.
Conducting briefings for all Member States from time to time. From a detailed system of FC member q & a look at once please contact.

Regular teaching
Instructor Division patrolling franchisees on a regular basis, the teaching management, hospitality and cooking techniques. Trust headquarters with merchants and guidance, to improve posture.

Manager workshop
Community philosophy seminar aims to achieving customer satisfaction (that share your KASUYA is one) associated with ongoing verification of thought and the era of conducts on a regular basis.

Business consulting
At the headquarters, about some problems about the store management and consulting opportunities to talk with the owner from time to time set are. Please feel free to consult, not by one person, such as sales promotions and sales measures, human resources development.