"We opened even on the new year noodle held in Kagawa Prefecture. 』

Made in Kagawa Prefecture from last year was held in a big way
New year noodle Conference pulling out in 2015.
Udon again this year as a representative of Osaka scum and debris will be opened!
This tournament is now in part 2, is still a new event
Last year,About 40000 peopleThe people came!
Further rises this year!

Begin with "new year noodles" and "Bearing auspicious new year and eat noodles"That means
Compared to other noodles, Udon, thick, long since ancient times "A mascot pray for longevity"As a white, neat and new year noodle to eat at the beginning of the year, following the conventions have been eaten by the
Think that the happiness of the people of the year although it carries.

2016Looks like even in good years... with the desire
North, from Hokkaido to Okinawa 25 regional Udon noodle dishes are assembled the.
Also, Udon province Vice Governor hunk!
Kaname Jun arashi's talk show and other events of the handmade udon experience is!

From OsakaHot udon with hot desire.
So we have! Ladies and gentlemen, please!