Higashi-Osaka rough head "reopened"

2018April 27()KASUYA higashiosaka area head officeリニューアルThe open.

Please, come and visit.

KASUYA Higashi Arai head office information

Shop Iwaki Taira opened East District No. 2

2018年4月24日(fire) KASUYAいわき平店がオープンします。

Near you, visit you on-site.

KASUYAいわき平店 店舗情報

Kashiba shop opening hours change notice

KASUYA Kashiba shopThe truly sorry, but2018April 15,Hours of operation will change as follows.

[Operating hours]
11:00 ~ 24:00


Ask for the continued love hope.

Opened the Sakai Weng

2018年4月9日(moon)KASUYA Sakai Weng shop is now open.

Familiar is a specialty of the "udon".

Near you, visit you on-site.

KASUYA Sakai Weng bridge store store information