Yao Kuhoji Store 8/8 Renewal OP

Hisashi KASUYA Yao treasure shopBut2019August 8 -(Wood)ToRenewal openI will

The new outfit is also new, and all the staff are looking forward to your visit.

Tokyo Racetrack: Published in Comics

Guruman ComicsLunch alone ♪The Tokyo Racecourse store has appeared!

In one story called "Kasuudon on the Racecourse"Relieving tasteIt is introduced.

If you want to enjoy horse racing at Tokyo Racecourse, go to KASUYARelievedPlease come and do it.

Guruman ComicsLunch alone ♪TheAmazonOr you can buy it at a convenience store.

Yao kyūhōji Temple was temporarily closed & notice of renewal OP

Hisashi KASUYA Yao treasure store is for renewal of the 6/30/2019 ended temporary it closed.

7LateToRenewal openAre planned.

Thank you continued patronage.