Grand opening ★ Nakayama Racecourse

2019September 17, 2016(Soil)KASUGA Nakayama Racecourse will open its grand opening.

Please, come and visit.

KASUGA Nakayama Racecourse Store Information

I'm going to open a store at the Shimokawa Udon Festival.

8March 31(Soil)- September 1(sun)We will open a store at the "Shimokawa Udon Festival" held in Shimokawa-cho, Kamikawa-gun, Hokkaido!
KASUGA will make its first landing in Hokkaido.
I'm a little nervous, but I'll do my best to make everyone happy.

Ishikawa Udon Festival
~ Click on the image to see the information of the Shimo Udon Festival ~

Nakayama Racecourse Pre-Opening

Finally! To Nakayama RacecourseKASUYAwas to open

2019August 17, 2008(Soil)18 days(sun)Two days of,Ahead of the Grand OpeningPre-openI will.
There is no race, but when you come to play, please enjoy the udon once.