Habikino Store Renewal Opening

Habikino store
Renewal open

We are sorry for any inconvenience caused during the renovation.

As a greeting for the renewal,11月1日(gold)~3 days(day)ofWe will hold a trial sale for a limited time.

Please invite your family and friends to visit the new Habikino store.
All of our employees are looking forward to serving you.

National local noodle Summit opening

The 9th National Local Udon Summit 2019 in Kumagaya

Grand Prix in your vote!

30A noodle shop will open.
Please look forward to the various udon noodles and come to support KASUYA.

[Date and time]
2019/11/16(Sat) ~ 2019/11/17(Sun)
Kumagaya sports culture Park nigiwai square

Find out more here.

Matsubara Marche will open again this year

Buy! Eating! Have fun!
10th Seminar Matsubara Marche stores!

The Matsubara Marche Matsubara, foods and agricultural products
It is a land area off fair showcasing and selling food-themed.

[Date and time]
2019/11/9(Sat)10:00 ~ 21:00
2019/11/10(Sun)10:00 ~ 15:00
 * Rain or shine-sat

Matsubara Central Park
Matsubara Civic Gymnasium
Matsubara City Cultural Hall

For more information click here

Commercials are now available on YouTube⇒https://youtu.be/KjaVpTMa0qY

KASUYA will open a store in Matsubara Marche again this year.
I love "Kasuudon"! If you haven't tried "Kasuudon" yet, please take this opportunity to try it. We look forward to your visit.

Pro surfer Sasuke Kawatani! Congratulations to the Grand Champion

Of the professional short borderers we supportSasuke KawataniMr. ,JAPAN PRO SURFING TOUR HOSTED BY JPSA 2019AndGrand ChampionShine in!
4He has been able to achieve results throughout all seven races that started in May.
Mr. Kawatani, who has made his dream come true, please do your best to achieve your even bigger dream.

It is posted on Mappuru

Mappuru Kansai Kyoto, Osaka, Kobe '20It is posted in.

You may discover new things such as delicious foods and sightseeing spots in Kyoto, Osaka, and Kobe.
When you come to Kansai, please check this out and stop by KASUYA.

Habikino store About renovation work schedule

The Kasuya Habikino store will be temporarily closed during the following period due to renovation work.
The end date may change depending on the progress of the construction.

 Renovation period: 2019/10/21(moon)~30 days(water)

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
Thank you for your understanding.

In the udon Expo won!

2019/10/5Held on ~6Whole Country Udon Expo2019 Yuzawa, Akita "" inAnd...

We won!

This is my second victory in this event.
Thanks to the cooperation of the volunteers, the executive committee, and the support of our customers.

So, where you can enjoy many other "udon"
I will continue to devote myself to it.

Nationwide wholly udon Expo

National Marugoto Udon Expo Facebook
~Click the image to see the Facebook article~

Notification of maintenance "MediaFire"

2019On Friday, October 1, the maintenance of the mail-order page was completed.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.

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We look forward to your continued patronage in the future.