Notice of shortening of business hours

In response to a request from Osaka Prefecture to shorten business hours, the following stores are operating on April 14.()We will be able to serve alcoholic beverages until 20 o'clock and until 19 o'clock.
Thank you for your understanding.

【Target stores】
Fujiidera Head Office
Habikino Store
Via Abe's Walk Shop
Hozenji Store
Tomitabayashi Store
Osaka Sayama Store
Shitennoji Store
Namba Motomachi Store
Ilsalone Kaizuka
Yao Kuhoji Store
Matsubara Store
Beixinqiao area stores
Nagai Store
Sakai Obashi Store
Higashi-Osaka Arahon
Fuse Store
Izumi Store

The following stores are currently temporarily closed.
Hanshin Racecourse Food Plaza
Kyoto Racecourse
Tokyo Racecourse
Nakayama Racecourse

Take-out bento 500 yen uniform

In order to support meals at home, we started to take-out lunch boxes at the following stores.
4月27日(moon)you can use it up to.

【Target stores】
Fujiidera Store (other than tonkatsu bento)
Habikino Store
・Via Abeno's walk shop (other than tonkatsu bento, teriyaki chicken bowl is eligible)
Nara Shinjo Store
Matsubara Store
Yao Hisahoji Store

Notice of Renewal of Abeno Store

The Abeno store is currently temporarily closed to prepare for renewal.
We are sorry for any inconvenience caused during the renovation.
Renewal open2020Years4moon4sun(earth)We are planning to.
And the menu.RenewedSo please look forward to it.