Matsubara store regular holiday change

KASUYA Matsubara branchThe truly sorry, but2020From October 19,We will change the regular holidays as follows.

Wednesday until October 18
From October 19月曜日

Ask for the continued love hope.

Kishiwada ★ Grand Opening

2020年8月29日(earth)KASUYA Kishiwada store has opened its grand opening!

It is a shop of yakiniku and kasu udon.
You can enjoy yakiniku alone and yakiniku with your family and friends.
Please, come and visit.

KASUYA Kishiwada Store Information

Higashi-Osaka Arahonten Temporary Closure

KASUYAHigashi-Osaka Arahonwill be temporarily closed during the following period.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your understanding.

Closed: July 22, 2020(water)~26th(sun)

LINE@ New Registration Campaign

We have prepared special benefits for customers who have become friends with the LINE@ of KASUYA directly managed stores.

(1) Dessert (sorbet or fried bread ice cream)
(2) Trotecchan 1 serving service
(3) 300 yen OFF from payment
We will give you a coupon that allows you to choose your favorite benefits from
(Abeno store is only (3))

List of storesThe QR code is posted on.
Please take this opportunity to register.

Notice of business hours change due to emergency declaration cancellation and deregulation of business

Due to the cancellation of the declaration of emergency situations excluding some prefectures and the deregulation of business in Osaka Prefecture,(earth)You will change the business hours in the future.

List of storesPlease check in .

Thank you for your understanding.

Abeno Store Takeout Menu

This is the takeout menu of KASUYA Via Abeno Walk store.
Of the 8 types of bento boxes to choose from, what a6kind540 yen with taxNow available at! !!
The best period is5MonthUntil. Please use it during the period.

We also accept orders by phone.

Take-out is even more fulfilling!

We have entered Golden Week!
It's hard to enjoy as usual because of the period of self-imposed self-imposed control.But 、、、
I hope you can enjoy even a little in kasuya's take-out menu,Add menuHave.
Thanks to you, it is very popular.

In addition, for customers who use in-store food and beverages,Take-out 10% OFF ticketsI'm giving you.
You can use it at the store of the store seal on the back side.
Please use it by all means.

【Target stores】
Fujiidera Store (other than tonkatsu bento)
Habikino Store
Nara Shinjo Store
Matsubara Store
Yao Hisahoji Store
Izumi Store

Notice of shortening of business hours

In response to a request from Osaka Prefecture to shorten business hours, the following stores are operating on April 14.(fire)We will be able to serve alcoholic beverages until 20 o'clock and until 19 o'clock.
Thank you for your understanding.

【Target stores】
Fujiidera Head Office
Habikino Store
Via Abe's Walk Shop
Hozenji Store
Tomitabayashi Store
Osaka Sayama Store
Shitennoji Store
Namba Motomachi Store
Ilsalone Kaizuka
Yao Kuhoji Store
Matsubara Store
Beixinqiao area stores
Nagai Store
Sakai Obashi Store
Higashi-Osaka Arahon
Fuse Store
Izumi Store

The following stores are currently temporarily closed.
Hanshin Racecourse Food Plaza
Kyoto Racecourse
Tokyo Racecourse
Nakayama Racecourse

Take-out bento 500 yen uniform

In order to support meals at home, we started to take-out lunch boxes at the following stores.
4月27日(moon)you can use it up to.

【Target stores】
Fujiidera Store (other than tonkatsu bento)
Habikino Store
・Via Abeno's walk shop (other than tonkatsu bento, teriyaki chicken bowl is eligible)
Nara Shinjo Store
Matsubara Store
Yao Hisahoji Store

Notice of Renewal of Abeno Store

The Abeno store is currently temporarily closed to prepare for renewal.
We are sorry for any inconvenience caused during the renovation.
Renewal open2020Years4moon4sun(earth)We are planning to.
And the menu.RenewedSo please look forward to it.