Notice of temporary closure of Shitennoji store

KASUYAShitennoji Storewill be temporarily closed during the following period.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your understanding.

Store holiday: January 30, 2021(earth)Through February 1(moon)

Notice of shortening of business hours

In response to a request from Osaka Prefecture to shorten business hours, 1/14(tree)~2/7(sun)During the period, the following stores will be open until 20:00 and alcoholic beverages will be served until 19:00.
Thank you for your understanding.

【Target stores】
Fujiidera Head Office
Habikino Store
Via Abe's Walk Shop
Hozenji Store
Tomitabayashi Store
Osaka Sayama Store
Shitennoji Store
Namba Motomachi Store
Ilsalone Kaizuka
Yao Kuhoji Store
Matsubara Store
Beixinqiao area stores
Nagai Store
Higashi-Osaka Arahon
Izumi Store
Kishiwada Store

In addition, the Fuse store is 1/14(tree)We will be temporarily closed for the time being.